A downloadable game

Cardys is a 2D Flash fantasy strategy turn-based game, the first game developed by Gaweb Studio.
Cardys main features are :

  • Smart mix between two gameplays :
    • The island phase uses the "Risk board game" gameplay : Move your troops from territory to territory
    • The territory phase uses a classical turn-based strategy gameplay : Move your troops inside the territory and destroy your opponent(s)
  • The island phase is asynchronous, meaning several players can attack the same territory during the same turn. Up to 8 players in a battle !
  • A card system display to easily understand information
  • Customize your troops with dozens of pieces of equipment. Will you be a warrior, an archer or a mage ? Or a bit of each !
  • Level up and unlock powerful new skills
  • Three different modes. Create your own maps with the editor mode !
  • Awesome cartoon design
  • Appealing soundtrack


Cardys 2 MB